What is Savage Citizen? Well, obviously it’s a website silly 😉  In seriousness, it actually IS a website but it is also a YouTube Channel.  It is me.  It is, possibly, you.  Savage Citizen is nothing more than a label I have given to a mindset; to a way of life.  The label or name “Savage Citizen” represents many things here.  The most obvious of which is it is what the Feral Woodcraft YouTube channel evolved into over several years.  For the sake of providing necessary context, I will come back to the most important, the mindset that is Savage Citizen, in a bit. For thoseRead More →

One of the major reasons this website exists is to have the ability to share content with folks who have a genuine interest in the channel and what I see as the Savage Citizen mindest but not with the general public of YouTube. These videos are generally less refined and informal with more of a focus on communication than just strict entertainment. Up top in the Navigation Header, you will see a link for Exclusive Content.Read More →

2018 brought with it many changes to life, both personal and professional. Due to laws and company policy, my current EDC will be changing quite a bit and I plan to go over how I handle these limitations. Given this, I thought this was a good place to discuss what my current EDC is to provide a bit of context to future videos.Read More →

http://www.nordsmithknives.com/the-ca… From Nordsmith Knives, built by LT Wright Knives, the Canteen Knife is a Modern take on the classic Nessmuck Knife. I am a big fan of the Nessmuk design and the Canteen Knife comes in at the best take on the Nessmuk that I’ve used. Being that it is built by LT Wright is just icing on the cake for making this knife a winner in my opinion. Specs: Designer: David C. Andersen Steel: 1/8” thick AEB-L Hardness: 57-59 HRC Handle Material: Canvas Micarta Sharpened Length: 5.5 inches Overall Length: 11 inches Weight: 9.5 ounces Sheath: 8 oz. Black Leather with firesteel loop andRead More →

The White River Firecraft FC4 is a knife designed for work, simple as that. While it’s main design focus is on Firecraft in a survival situation, it certainly doesn’t shy away from other Bushcraft and Survival Tasks. This is the first field knife I’ve used made out of S30V and thus far I am impressed. After 2 weeks of hard use, it survived without damage and the edge will still (barely) shave hair. It is a high saber grind so it is a good balance between edge strength and slicing ability. The FC4 is obviously a very well thought out design and is overall oneRead More →

This is the X-Case for the Nano stove from Firebox Stoves; it is cooking up some Boneless Pork Ribs and Roasted Cauliflower. It is a case with an optional windscreen for their Nano stoves (works with both stainless and Ti Nano’s). The case acts as a base/coal catch for the Nano when opened up and laid flat. The Built-in “X” slots work to hold the feet of the Nano securely in place as well.  Read More →