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A common question I am sure: This is a YouTube channel and you have a Facebook page, an Instagram Page, and even a page on Minds (more about that in a later post) so what is up with this website? Quite frankly, it’s all about control. That’s right, Joe is a control freak!

In seriousness, there are 2 main reasons I am setting up this site. One being, this day in age where Facebook mass deletes accounts on a whim, where YouTube arbitrarily bans people that disagree with them ideologically, and where in general censorship is often encouraged, I wanted a venue where our voices are free from other’s control. A place where even if I end up on the wrong side of someone’s bad day and get deleted/banned that there is still a platform for Savage Citizen to exist.

You may have noticed I said, “our” there instead of “mine”. The second primary reason I am setting this up is that it has long been a goal of mine to create a community around this YouTube channel. I don’t feel like I ever quite pulled it off while flying under the name Feral Woodcraft but now with the “reboot” as Savage Citizen and expanded content, I have decided to make it a priority.  What does this mean specifically?  That is a broad discussion that will be discussed over time but the short version is simple: this site is specifically a place for interaction where we can learn, encourage, and build each other up, free from the noise that the typical YouTube comments section can be.

Another reason I set up this site, but one secondary to those mentioned above, is as a project for me.  I enjoy sharing the oddball projects I tend to get myself into.  It is also a place for me to put programs or solutions I create for me personally but I think others might find useful (the Sparrow’s Roulette page is a good example).

Lastly, I wanted a place where I could put out exclusive content specifically for those that are genuinely interested.  Sure there is patreon but I don’t want to go that route as I want the only charge for access to be genuine interest and possibly participation.

Obviously, this is a work in progress.  Honestly, given the amount that I like to tinker, it will likely always be a work in progress, however, any and all suggestions are welcome.  If you see a need or something that would be good to add, especially from the standpoint of a community, please do share.

Thanks again for the support gang, it truly means a lot.   Until next time, see ya on the YouTubes as they say 🙂


    1. Joe

      Hey Tony! I didn’t figure anyone was paying attention to this yet place, thanks!

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