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What is Sparrow’s Roulette?

Russian Roulette is a famous game of chance that most are familiar with.  Well, Sparrow’s Roulette is a play on that.  It is a pinning guide for the Sparrow’s Revolver practice lock.  The reason I created Sparrow’s Roulette is simple: When I consciously choose the pinning for a practice lock, I tend to remember some of the pins as I am picking.  Remembering where some of the pins are in a practice lock removes a lot the challenge from it.  But, I have found that if I follow a guide and just put the pins in as outlined, I tend to not remember what pins are quite as well.  And so because of that, I created a “random pinning generator” if you will.  Every time this page is displayed, a new pinning guide is created.


***Note*** As mentioned, this is specifically designed to be used with the Sparrows Revolver and their specialty pins, however, this can be easily adapted to any lock you are pinning up.

If you don’t like the pinning below, just hit refresh on your browser and a new guide will be generated.

Key Pins: | 5 | 9 | 3 | 1 | 6 | 8 |

Cyl 1 Driver Pins: | Spool | Standard | Spool | Spool | Standard | Standard |

Cyl 2 Driver Pins: | Standard | Spool | Serrated | Standard | Standard | Standard |

Cyl 3 Driver Pins: | Mushroom | Mushroom | Serrated | Mushroom | Spool | Mushroom |

Cyl 4 Driver Pins: | Spool | Spool | Serrated | Serrated | Mushroom | Serrated |

Cyl 4 Driver with Check Pins: | Spool | Standard | Spool | Rook | Spool | Bishop |

Cyl 4 Driver with Munition Pins: | Mushroom | .308 | Serrated | Air Pellet | Serrated | 9mm Makarov |